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Primula & Auricula 2017, many of which were not in last years catalogue.(Marked Blue)
Get in quick to get the ones you desire, limited numbers vanish quickly.

GCA - Gold Centred Alpine
Auricula Brown Bess - Abriachan Nurseries
LCA - Light Centred Alpine
Primula Auricula Walton - Abriachan Nurseries

Primula Auricula Windways Mystery - Abriachan Nurseries

Auricula Bill Bailey - Abriachan Nurseries
Show/Green Edged
Auricula Bob Lancashire _Abriachan Nurseries
Show/Grey Edged
Primula Auricula Ludlow - Abriachan Nurseries
Show/White Edged
Auricula Brookfield - Abriachan Nurseries

Primula Auricula Minley - Abriachan Nurseries

Auricula fanny Meerback - Abriachan nurseries

Auricula Mazetta Stripe - Abriachan Nurseries
To get you started: A Fantastic Value Auricula Starter Collection
10 Auricula (our choice) £35 (plus p&p)
Ten Mixed Auricula - Abriachan Nurseries
Albert Bailey Beautiful apricot-tan semi-double D £5 Auricula Albert Bailey - Abriachan Nurseries
Alice Hayson Deep red with a white throat S £4.50 Auricula Alice Hayson - Abriachan Nurseries
Border Bandit Pale brown floriferous old border. B £5 Abriachan Nurseries - Auricula Border Bandit
Brazil Brassy yellow, white centre, mealy foliage. S £4.50 Auricula Brazil - Abriachan Nurseries
Buck’s Green Yellow centre and ivy-green edge.  A striking variety GE £5 Auricula Buck's Green - Abriachan Nurseries
Caramel Pretty, double caramac chocolate brown D £5 Auricula Caramel Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
Chaffinch Opens red and fading dusky rose; small beautiful natural colours B £5 Auricula Chaffinch - Abriachan Nurseries
Cheyenne Cherry red with attractive mealed leaves.
Generous flowering
S £4 Auricula Cheyenne Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Doublure Fully double red/purple D £5 Primula Auricula Doublure - Abriachan Nurseries
Douglas Black An attractive maroon/black with contrasting white centre S £5 Primula Auricula Douglas Black - Abriachan Nurseries
Dr Lennon’s White Large white flowers flushed pink.
Striking and floriferous
B £5 Auricula dr Lennon's White - Abriachan Nurseries
Fanny Meerbeck Neat bright crimson red. Unusual. F £5 Auricula fanny Meerback - Abriachan nurseries
Forest Bracken Lovely golden/bronze double; bracken very descriptive of the colour D £5   SORRY
Forest Fire Beautiful cinnamon red double. Neat D £5 Primula Auricula Forest Fire - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Geronimo A fine dense bright red S £4.50 Auricula Geronimo - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Gnome Small border variety; brick red flowers, odd plant, but can be startlingly good. B £5 Primula Auricula Gnome - Abriachan Nurseries
Golden Hind Rich yellow  double with a brown, gold shading D £5 Primula Auricula Golden Hind - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Green Isle Red body, green edged fancy F £5 Primula Auricula Green Isle - Abriiachan Nurseries
Green Parrot Green edged petals; black body. Sh £5 Auricula Green Parrot - Abriachan Nurseries
Greenpeace Green and yellow with good white centre. Striking F £5 Primula Auricula Greenpeace - Abriachan Nurseries
Gruener Veltliner Yellow and white centre black body and green edge. F £5   SORRY
Hazel's White A pubescens hybrid; floriferous neat white flowers HYB £4 Primula Auricula Hazel's White - Abriachan Nurseries
Hinton Admiral Red body, narrow white edged fancy F £4.50 Primula Auricula Hinton Admiral - Abriachan Nurseries
Hinton Green Fields A lovely fancy; bright yellow body/green edge F £5 Primula Auricula Hinton Green Fields - Abriachan Nurseries
Holyrood White centre and black and green edge; large flower clusters Sh £5 Primula Auricula Holyrood - Abriachan Nurseries
Honey Palest yellow double, early to flower D £5 Auricula Honey - Abriachan Nurseries
Hopeley's Coffee Lovely latte coffee double D £5 Primula Auricula Hopeley's Coffee - Abriachan Nurseries
Indian Love Call  Rich red/gold centred alpine A £4 Auricula Indian Love Call - Abriachan Nurseries
J.B Rarely offered Sh/Grey £5  
Joannie Neat dusky purple double with a beautiful meal marked edge. D £5 Primula Auricula Joannie - Abriachan Nurseries
John Wayne White centred alpine; beautiful shading, sunset pinks to maroon. A £4   SORRY
Julie Nuttal An unusual pink, tinged purple; a good doer B £5 Auricula Julie Nuttal - Abriachan Nurseries, The Gargen On Loch Ness
Kenco A smashing white coffee double; neat and showy. D £5   SORRY
Lambert’s Gold Old golden yellow border; scarce. B £5 Primula Auricula Lambert's Gold - Abriachan Nurseries
Laverock Fancy Striking green edge on red edged centre F £4.50 Primula Auricula Laverock Fancy - Abriachan Nurseries
Leather Jacket Great old border type. Beige-pink, the colour of a favourite old leather waistcoat B £5 Auricula Leather Jacket - abriachan Nurseries
Lemon Sherbet Small sherbet yellow blooms; white centre; Border variety. B £5 Auricula Lemon Sherbert - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Lepton's Jubilee Rich purple, white centre; always attractive A £4 Primula Auricula Lepton's Jubilee - Abriachan Nurseries
Ling Gold centred Alpine; velvet red shading to glowing red edge. A £4 Primula Auicula Ling - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Little Rosette Dusky rich red double. Very nice D £4.50 Auricula Little Rosette - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Lord Saye and Sele Yellow base with red/brown stripes and flashes of green. An extraordinary plant with a long season. F £5 Auricula Saye and Sele - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Ludlow Neat grey; black rimmed centre; heavy farina, very classy Sh/Grey £5 Primula Auricula Ludlow - Abriachan Nurseries
Mandarin Pink shades, white centre A £4.50 Primula Auricula Mandarin - Abriachan Nurseries
Margaret Lovely bright green and yellow fancy. F £5 Auricula Margaret - Abriachan Nurseries
Margaret Faulkner Purple shading to crimson; light centre. A £4.50 Auricula Margaret Faulkner - Abriachan Nurseries
Mark Large flowers strongly shaded wine purple to pink A £4.50   SORRY
Mary A nice little palest yellow semi double, pink flushed edges; always lovely D £5 Primula Auricula Mary - Abriachan Nurseries
Matthew Yates Darkest purple black double. Impressive D £4.50 Primula Auricula matthew Yates - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Mazetta Stripe Maroon-red/ green and white stripes. St £5 Auricula Mazetta Stripe - Abriachan Nurseries
McWatt's Blue The finest old border, navy blue shading light blue, cream centre. A wonderful old plant B £6 Auricula McWatts Blue - Abriachan Nurseries
Merridale Brightest orange; gold centre. Neat flower heads. A £4 Primula Auricula Merridale - Abriachan Nurseries
Minley Cerise and green, with nicely serrated foliage F £5 Primula Auricula Minley - Abriachan Nurseries
Mojave A lovely light red self S £4.50 Primula Auricula Mojave - Abriachan Nurseries
Money Moon The palest lemon yellow.  S £4.50 Primula Auricula Moneymoon - Abriachan Nurseries
Moonglow Pale ethereal yellow; self S £4.50 Primula Auricula Moonglow - Abriachan Nurseries
My Friend A first for us; butter- yellow wavy edged flowers on this strong border B £5 Primula Auricula My Friend - Abriachan Nurseries
Mystery Dusky purple, farina spotted double. D £5 Auricula Mystery - Abriachan Nurseries
Nantenan A wonderful fancy; yellow with attractive green edge. F £5 Primula Auricula Nantenan - Abriachan Nurseries
Neat and Tidy A neat darkest purple/black self with white paste eye S £5 Primula Auricula Neat and Tidy - Abriachan Nurseries
Neville Telford Blood red self white centre. Show winner S £5 Primula Auricula Neville Telford - Abriachan Nurseries
Nil Amber The white and red stripes are star like; remarkable. St £5 Auricula Nil Amber - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Northern Lights Wonderful show this year; multi heads of pure white, each petal notched B £5 Auricula Northern Lights - Abriachan Nurseries
Nymph Lovely rich creamy white double D £5 Primula Auricula Nymph - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Clove Red Small blooms clove scented red B £5 Auricula Old Clove Red - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Cottage Blue Prettiest shades of lilac and blue; floriferous and lovely B £5 Primula Auricula Old Cottage Blue - Abriachan Nurseries
Old England Neat fancy; blood red with a black and white edge. F £5 Primula Auricula Old England - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Gold An old gold double we raised ourselves; holding well. D £5 Primula Auricula Old Gold - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Irish Green A scarce old border; loose large leaves. Flowers purple; green edge B £5 Primula Auricula Old Irish Green - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Irish Scented Old Border, dull yellow, nicely scented. B £6 Primula Auricula Old Irish Scented - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Mustard Larger leaves and English Mustard yellow flowers. Old variety. B £5 Auricula Old Mustard - Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
Old Pink Dusty Miller A very old variety; soft pink flowers with a red inner rim; leaves and flowers covered in farina; a treasure B £6 Auricula Old Pink Dusty Miller - Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
Old Red Dusty Miller Blood red; mealed foliage. B £4 Primula Auricula Old Red Dusty Miller - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Red Elvet A neat red self. Very old S £5 Primula auricula Old Red Elvet - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Suffolk Bronze Pink and ginger petals on a loose leaved plant. A real antique. B £6 Auricula Old Suffolk Bronze - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Tall Purple Dusty Miller Loose flowered purple; farina on leaves and petals. Lovely old plant B £4 Primula Auricula Old Tall Purple Dusty Miller - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Yellow Dusty Miller Fine old border auricula.
Dusty leaves, yellow blooms, scented
B £4 Primula Auricula Old Yellow Dusty Miller - Abriachan Nurseries
Osbourne Green Large leaved border type; cream with purple-green edge; Unique B £4 AuriculaOsbourne Green - Abriachan Nurseries
Peggy Starting with a light centre, to purple and then mauve rim F £4.50  
Pharaoh Gold centre on browny purple flowers A £4.50  
Piers Telford Vibrant shades of orange/brown/gold centre. A £4.50 Auricula Piers Telford - Abriachan Nurseries
Piglet A tight double pink. The blooms almost wriggle.... hence the name D £5 Primula Auricula Piglet - Abriachan Nurseries
Pimroagh Gold centred red/brown. Strong A £4.50  
Pink Lady Red shading rose-pink light centre A £4.50  
Pioneer Stripe Another good striped auricula; pink/white stripes St £5  
Portree Good green show, red edge Sh £5 auricula Portree - Abriachan Nurseries
Prague Good green show, red edge. Shows well   £5  
Proctor’s Yellow Pretty lemon yellow, tough and garden reliable B £5  
Prometheus Beautiful double brick red D £5  
Purple Promise Lovely pale purple; crinkled leaves.
Good and vigorous
B £5 Primula Auricula Purple Promise - Abriachan Nurseries
Purple Royale Neat old border purple B £4.50  
Queen Alexander Large biscuit-yellow heads with a beautiful scent. Old border variety B £5 Primula Auricula Queen Alexander - Abriachan Nurseries
Queen Bee Dark crimson body, grey edge, light centre Sh £4.50 Auricula Queen Bee - abriachan Nurseries
Rabley Heath Light centred purple blue alpine. A £4 Primula Auricula Rabley Heath - Abriachan Nurseries
Rachel Kinnen Pretty pink blooms on a green mound of small leaves. Always the first. A pubescens hybrid Hyb £3.50 Auricula Rachel Kinnen - Abriachan Nurseries
Rajah Good green with lots of red and white centre.
It looks tropical and exciting
GE £5 Auricula Rajah - abriachan nurseries
Red Gauntlet Good red with white centre. S £4 Primula Auricula Red Gauntlet - Abriachan Nurseries
Red Rum Dark red; white centre. Slow to build up. A £4 Primula Auricula Red Rum - Abriachan Nurseries
Redcar Attractive red; gold centre A £4.50 Primula Auricula Redcar
Remus Beautiful blue self with a white eye. A real favourite S £5 Primula Auricula Remus - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Rene Crimson with golden centre. One of my favourites A £4 Auricula Rene - Abriachan Nurseries
Riatty Semi double dark blood red double D £5 Auricula Riatty - Abriachan Nurseries
Robbo Very nice russet red border, well mealed leaves B £5  
Rock Sand Bright yellow self with white eye. Strong plant S £5 Primula Auricula Rocksand - Abriachan Nurseries
Rolts A red, green edged fancy; a good starter. F £5 Auricula Rolts - Abriachan Nurseries
Rose Conjou Rich red double; long in flower D £5 Auricula Rose Conjou - Abriachan Nurseries
Rose Kaye Lovely purple lilac shades; can be stunning A £4.50  
Rosebud A beautiful simple rose pink, lovely and unusual. S £5 Primula Auricula Rosebud - Abriachan Nurseries
Rosemary Lovely rich red self, speckled with farina. S £5 Primula Auricula Rosemary - Abriachan Nurseries
Royal Velvet Vigorous older plant.
Frilled crimson/purple cream eye
B £5 Primula Auricula Royal Velvet - Abriachan Nurseries
Rufus Compact plant; bright brick red B £5 Auricula Rufus - Abriachan nurseries
Rusty Dusty Floriferous heads of smaller ginger brown. Farina speckled on leaves and petals. B £5 Primula Auricula Rusty Dusty - Abriachan Nurseries
Saint Boswell Good looking grey edged show Sh £5 auricula saint boswell - abriachan nurseries SORRY
Saint Elmo Fantastic pink and orange gold centred alpine.  GCA £4  
Salad Scarce handsome green Sh £5 Primula Auricula Salad - Abriachan Nurseries
Sandwood Bay Striking; gold centred red. One of my first A £4 Primula Auricula Sandwood Bay - Abriachan Nurseries
Sarah Lodge A well formed double purple D £5  
Scaraban Excellent double golden yellow D £5  
Scorcher Fantastic scorching red self. S £5 Primula Auricula Scorcher - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Shalford Attractive red purple double D £5 Primula Auricula Shalford - Abriachan Nurseries
Shaun Double golden yellow scented blooms D £5  
Shelia Attractive light yellow self S £4 Primula Auricula Shelia - Abriachan Nurseries
Sirius Maroon and pale yellow with a gold centre.
Unique and most attractive.
GCA £4 Auricula Sirius - Abriachan Nurseries
Skylark Ruby reds; cream centre. A £4 Auricula Skylark
Slioch Black edged white centre with a mealy grey edge. Lovely leaves Grey E £5 Primula Auricula Slioch - Abriachan Nurseries
Snowy Owl Gold centre to white with wonderful grey farina edge Grey E £5 Primula Auricula Snowy Owl - Abriachan Nurseries
Southbarrow A pretty double purple D £5 Primula Auricula Southbarrow - Abriachan Nurseries
Southport Delicate, multi headed bright red blooms; Border B £5 Primula Auricula Southport - Abriachan Nurseries
Spring Meadow Lovely bright green and yellow; favourite F £5 Primula Auricula Spring Meadow - Abriachan Nurseries
Star Wars No1 A purple/grey fancy. Very Attractive F £5 Auricula Star Wars - Abriachan Nurseries
Starling Extraordinary border; slate purple, dotted with farina. Unique. B £6 Auricula Starling - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
Stromboli Beautiful russet red double D £5  
Sugar Plum Fairy Neat darker pink, white centre. S £5 Primula Auricula Sugar Plum Fairy - Abriachan Nurseries
Sumo Attractive gold to dark brown shades. Showy A £4 Auricula Sumo - Abriachan Nurseries
Sunflower A vigorous easy yellow self.
Well grown it reaches real beauty
S £4.50 Primula Auricula Sunflower - Abriachan Nurseries
Sunlit Tiger Irregular purple stripes on a yellow background, a wonderfully descriptive name. St £5  
Super Para Blood red self; white mealy centre; striking S £4.50 Auricula Super Para - Abriachan Nurseries
Sword A green edged double; lasts for several weeks in flower D £5 Auricula Sword - Abriachan Nurseries
Taffeta Like no other, creamy centre and unique lavender pink blooms S £4.50 Primula Auricula Taffeta - Abriachan Nurseries
Tarentella Gold centre; orange and lemon edge.
Eye catching.
A £4.50 Auricula Tarantella - Abriachan Nurseries
Tawny Owl Pale brown pretty flowers; Border. B £5 Primula Auricula Tawny Owl - Abriachan Nurseries
Tay Tiger Velvet red with green stripes St £5 Auricula Tay Tiger - Abriachan Nurseries
Teem An attractive grey edged show; farina Sh £5 Primula Auricula Teem - Abriachan Nurseries
The Baron A lovely yellow self; white eye. S £4.50 Primula Auricula The Baron - Abriachan Nurseries
The Czar Indigo blue; lovely white mealy centre S £5  
The Raven An almost black self; a proven winner. S £4.50 Primula Auricula The Raven - Abriachan Nurseries SORRY
The Sneep Strong red body with a golden edge C £4.50  
Three Way Stripe Violet, Maroon and green stripes, the business. St £5 Primula Auricula Three Way Stripe - Abriachan Nurseries
Tosca Green red fancy. A nice flat face F £5 Primula Auricula Tosca - Abriachan Nurseries
Trafalger Square Excellent fancy; red body and yellow green edge F £5 Primula Auricula Trafalgar Square - Abriachan Nurseries
Trouble Milky coffee brown double; fabulous D £5 Auricula Trouble
Trudy Dark red self mealed foliage S £5 Auricula Trudy - Abriachan Nurseries
Tummel Autumn colours; light shading darker brown gold centre GCA £4 Abriachan Nurseries - Auricula Tummel SORRY
Vesuvius Wonderful lava red double; growers have huge fun naming auriculas D £5  
Walton An old heart breaker; soft blue, light centre LCA £4 Primula Auricula Walton - Abriachan Nurseries
Walton Heath A purple double. Good form. D £5 Primula Auricula Walton Heath - Abriachan Nurseries
Wedgwood Neat floriferous china blue B £5 Primula Auricula Wedgwood - Abriachan Nurseries
White Ensign A lovely white edged grey flower; foliage serrated and mealed Sh £5 Primula Auricula White Ensign - Abriachan Nurseries
Windway's Mystery Neat yellow-brown border; scented. B £5 Primula Auricula Windways Mystery - Abriachan Nurseries
Wycliffe Midnight Attractive, floriferous multi heads of midnight blue.
Scarce border.
B £5 Primula Auricula Wycliffe Midnight - Abriachan Nurseries
Zambia Dark blood red semi double D £5 Auricula Zambia = abriachan Nurseries
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