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Here is our list of Primula Auricula for sale this September.  It is a still a short list as we build back stocks after three years of unprecedented demand.  However, we wanted to offer some choice to our customers and collectors out there.
No variety has big numbers, but, I would recommend the offer of Nurseryman’s selection of 10 mixed varieties. We choose among the small numbers we have to make an interesting offer for every customer.

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Primula Auricula are exquisite and endlessly fascinating - Grow some and see for yourself
We have an Auricula theatre at the nursery and last year they were looking the best I have ever seen them. They are easy to grow. Don’t starve them, put plenty grit in their compost, don’t keep them too hot or too wet.
We grow most of them in pots as they are easier to display and admire that way. Keep them dry in winter and not too hot in summer. But, they are all hardy and some have done well in the open ground for many years.

KEY: A-Alpine B-Border F-Fancies D-Doubles St-Striped S-Self Sh-Show

Love Auricula, but not sure which ones to pick or how to start your own Auricula Theatre ..... A Fantastic Value Auricula Collection
10 Auricula (our choices) £50
A perfect gift for the Auricula lover in your life.
Ten Mixed Auricula - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Albert Bailey Beautiful apricot-tan semi-double D £6 Auricula Albert Bailey - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Alison Hayson Red/White throat S £5 Auricula Alice Hayson - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Augostura Double plum red D £6   SOLD OUT
Avon Tan Striking pale tan double D £6 Primula Auricula Avon Tan - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Baltic Amber Lovely Amber Double D £6 Primula Auricula Baltic Amber - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Bill Bailey Very nice, neat gingery red-brown double with a great sense of humour D £6 Auricula Bill Bailey - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Brazil Bright yellow body, white centre, mealy foliage. S £5 Auricula Brazil - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Camelot Excellent fully double red/purple D £6   SOLD OUT
Cinnamon Splendid, tight cinnamon red double. D £6 SOLD OUT
Cloudy Bay Wonderful to offer this; strong leaves and the flowers are grey clouded with purple and turquoise. A glorious sight B £7 SOLD OUT
Denna Snuffer A favorite. Pale buff cream semi-double D £6 Auricula Denna Snuffer - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Digby Beautiful double red purple D £6   SOLD OUT
Dedham Attractive darkest purple, edged with violet A £6   SOLD OUT
Douglas Black An attractive maroon/black with contrasting white centre S £5 Primula Auricula Douglas Black - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Helen Handsome bright yellow; white centre S £5   SOLD OUT
Helen Ruan Striking yellow, green-edged with heavy farina GE £6   SOLD OUT
Joyce Strong Variety; purple blue body, glowing lavender edge and white centre A £6 Auricula Joyce - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Mojave A lovely light red self S £5 Primula Auricula Mojave - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Neat and Tidy A neat darkest purple/black self with white paste eye S £5 Primula Auricula Neat and Tidy - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Nicholas van Zanten A unusual orange with a yellow centre B £6 SOLD OUT
Northern Lights Wonderful show this year; multi heads of pure white, each petal notched B £6 Auricula Northern Lights - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Old Cottage Blue Prettiest shades of lilac and blue; floriferous and lovely B £7 Primula Auricula Old Cottage Blue - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Old Pink Dusty Miller A very old variety; soft pink flowers with a red inner rim; leaves and flowers covered in farina; a treasure B £6 Auricula Old Pink Dusty Miller - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Old Red Dusty Miller Blood red; mealed foliage. B £6 Primula Auricula Old Red Dusty Miller - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Old Yellow Dusty Miller Fine old border auricula.
Dusty leaves, yellow blooms, scented
B £7 Primula Auricula Old Yellow Dusty Miller - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Proctor’s Yellow Pretty lemon yellow, tough and garden reliable B £6 SOLD OUT
Purple Royale Neat old border purple B £6 SOLD OUT
Queen of the Night Rich purple and white stripes. Mealy foliage. Striking St £6   SOLD OUT
Rajah Good green with lots of red and white centre.
It looks tropical and exciting
GE £6 Auricula Rajah - abriachan nurseries SOLD OUT
Red Rum Dark red; white centre. Slow to build up. A £6 Primula Auricula Red Rum - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Roberto Rarely offered, green-edged show GE £6   SOLD OUT
Robinette Neat rich red double, wavy petals some marked with dusts of farina D £6 Auricula Robinette - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Royal Mail A bright mailbox red show auricula Sh £6   SOLD OUT
Royal Velvet Vigorous older plant.
Frilled crimson/purple cream eye
B £6 Primula Auricula Royal Velvet - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Southport Delicate, multi headed bright red blooms; Border B £6 Primula Auricula Southport - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Starling Austere and beautiful; slate grey petals with spots of farina; just as a starlings' wings B £7 Auricula Starling - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Sunflower A vigorous easy yellow self.
Well grown it reaches real beauty
S £5 Primula Auricula Sunflower - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Super Para Blood red self; white mealy centre; striking S £5 Auricula Super Para - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Sword Many petals around the yellow centre, purple body line and green edge D £6 Auricula Sword - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Taffeta Like no other, creamy centre and unique lavender pink blooms S £5 Primula Auricula Taffeta - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Tawny Owl Neat brown flowers on an old border plant. B £6 Primula Auricula Tawny Owl - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Teem An attractive grey edged show; farina Sh £6 Primula Auricula Teem - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
The Czar Darkest navy blue, slight edge shading.White centred A £6 SOLD OUT
Theodora Red body, green edged Fancy F £6 SOLD OUT
Tim Lovely full skirted, pretty blue double. D £6 SOLD OUT
Tosca Green red fancy. A nice flat face F £6 Primula Auricula Tosca - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Trafalger Square Excellent fancy; red body and yellow green edge F £6 Primula Auricula Trafalgar Square - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Trish Palest beige yellow blooms; border B £6 Primula Auricula Trish - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Trouble Milky coffee brown double; fabulous D £6 Auricula Trouble SOLD OUT
Trudy Dark red self mealed foliage S £5 Auricula Trudy - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Tummel Autumn colours; light shading darker brown gold centre Highland raised. A £5 Abriachan Nurseries - Auricula Tummel SOLD OUT
Wedgwood Neat floriferous china blue B £6 Primula Auricula Wedgwood - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Winifred A real favourite. Neat brown and orange wavy edged petals B £6 Auricula Winifred - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Wycliffe Midnight Attractive, floriferous multi heads of midnight blue.
Scarce border.
B £6 Primula Auricula Wycliffe Midnight - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
Yorkshire Grey Subdued gray edges, black contrasting body. A stunner. Sh £6 Primula Auricula Yorkshire Grey - Abriachan Nurseries SOLD OUT
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