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Primula & Auricula 2019
Get in quick to get the ones you desire, limited numbers vanish quickly.

I was excited as I edited this years list.I see we have some on offer for the first time in years....such as Winifred.
We have some on offer for the first time ever and some that we have propagated because I genuinely find them exciting, such as Cloudy Bay and Late Romantic.

GCA - Gold Centred Alpine
Auricula Brown Bess - Abriachan Nurseries
LCA - Light Centred Alpine
Primula Auricula Walton - Abriachan Nurseries

Primula Auricula Windways Mystery - Abriachan Nurseries

Auricula Bill Bailey - Abriachan Nurseries
Show/Green Edged
Auricula Bob Lancashire _Abriachan Nurseries
Show/Grey Edged
Primula Auricula Ludlow - Abriachan Nurseries
Show/White Edged
Auricula Brookfield - Abriachan Nurseries

Primula Auricula Minley - Abriachan Nurseries

Auricula fanny Meerback - Abriachan nurseries

Auricula Mazetta Stripe - Abriachan Nurseries
To get you started: A Fantastic Value Auricula Starter Collection
10 Auricula (our choice) £35 (plus p&p)
Ten Mixed Auricula - Abriachan Nurseries
Albert Bailey Beautiful apricot-tan semi-double D £5 Auricula Albert Bailey - Abriachan Nurseries
Alice Hayson Deep red with a white throat S £4.50 Auricula Alice Hayson - Abriachan Nurseries
Baltic Amber Lovely Amber Double D £5 Primula Auricula Baltic Amber - Abriachan Nurseries
Border Bandit Pale brown floriferous old border. B £5 Abriachan Nurseries - Auricula Border Bandit
Brazil Brassy yellow, white centre, mealy foliage. S £4.50 Auricula Brazil - Abriachan Nurseries
Broadwell Gold Tall yellow/white centred old border B £5 Auricula Broadwell Gold - Abriachan Nurseries
Brown Tan Double Neat tan coloured double. D £5 Primula Auricula Brown Tan Double - Abriachan Nurseries
Caramel Pretty, double caramac chocolate brown D £5 Auricula Caramel Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
Chaffinch Opens red and fading dusky rose; small beautiful natural colours B £5 Auricula Chaffinch - Abriachan Nurseries
Cinnamon Splendid, tight cinnamon red double. D £5
Cloudy Bay Wonderful to offer this; strong leaves and the flowers are grey clouded with purple and turquoise. A glorious sight B £6  
Denna Snuffer A pretty, palest biscuit double. D £5 Auricula Denna Snuffer - Abriachan Nurseries
Douglas Black An attractive maroon/black with contrasting white centre S £5 Primula Auricula Douglas Black - Abriachan Nurseries
Dr Lennon’s White Large white flowers flushed pink.
Striking and floriferous
B £5 Auricula dr Lennon's White - Abriachan Nurseries
Dusky Maiden Maroon brown Gold centre.
A Sirius seedling.
  £4 Auricula Dusky Maiden - Abriachan Nurseries
Eden Blue Star Nice strong border; French navy, white centre. B £5 Abriachan Nurseries - Auricula Eden Blue Star
Fanny Meerbeck Neat bright crimson red. Unusual. F £5 Auricula fanny Meerback - Abriachan nurseries
Fiddler’s Green Amazing double green/red D £5 Auricula Fiddlers Green - abriachan nurseries
Forest Fire Beautiful cinnamon red double. Neat D £5 Primula Auricula Forest Fire - Abriachan Nurseries
Gizabroon A rich self with a brown caste; white centre S £5 Auricula Gizabroon - Abriachan Nurseries
Glenelg Red fancy with green edge F £5 Primula Auricula Glenelg - Abriachan Nurseries
Gnome Small border variety; brick red flowers, odd plant, but can be startlingly good. B £5 Primula Auricula Gnome - Abriachan Nurseries
Golden Fleece Strong yellow self; startling. S £5  
Hawkwood Lovely show variety. White centre, red body and perfect grey edge. Classy Sh £5 Auricula Hawkwood - Abriachan Nurseries
Hazel's White A pubescens hybrid; floriferous neat white flowers HYB £4 Primula Auricula Hazel's White - Abriachan Nurseries
Helen Handsome bright yellow; white centre S £5 Auricula Helen - Abriachan Nurseries
Hetty Wolf A wonderful grey; yellow centre with white rim, then black and grey edged; all heavily farined and floriferous. A show star. SF £5 Primula Auricula Hetty Wolf - Abriachan Nurseries
Hinton Admiral Red body, narrow white edged fancy F £5 Primula Auricula Hinton Admiral - Abriachan Nurseries
Honey Palest yellow double, early to flower D £5 Auricula Honey - Abriachan Nurseries
Hopeley's Coffee Lovely latte coffee double D £5 Primula Auricula Hopeley's Coffee - Abriachan Nurseries
Idminston A green and red fancy with paste centre. SE £5 Auricula Idminston - Abriachan Nurseries
Indian Love Call  Rich red/gold centred alpine A £4 Auricula Indian Love Call - Abriachan Nurseries
James Arnott Always difficult to get propogation material for this variety; when good it is unsurpassed; broad white edge , heavily mealed. SE £5  
Julie Borman Pretty lilac purple double; splendid tight rosettes. D £5  
Julie Nuttal An unusual pink, tinged purple; a good doer B £5 Auricula Julie Nuttal - Abriachan Nurseries, The Gargen On Loch Ness
Kingcup Maroon red with gold centre, good show plant A £4 Auricula Kingcup - Abriachan Nurseries
Lambert’s Gold Old golden yellow border; scarce. B £5 Primula Auricula Lambert's Gold - Abriachan Nurseries
Late Romantic Double; fluttering petals of pretty peach pink D £5  
Laverock Fancy Striking green edge on red edged centre F £4.50 Primula Auricula Laverock Fancy - Abriachan Nurseries
Leather Jacket Great old border type. Beige-pink, the colour of a favourite old leather waistcoat B £5 Auricula Leather Jacket - abriachan Nurseries
Lee Paul Striking, late flowering maroon shading yellow; gold centre A £4 Auricula Lee Paul - Abriachan Nurseries
Lemon Sherbet Small sherbet yellow blooms; white centre; Border variety. B £5 Auricula Lemon Sherbert - Abriachan Nurseries
Lepton's Jubilee Rich purple, white centre; always attractive A £4 Primula Auricula Lepton's Jubilee - Abriachan Nurseries
Lilac Domino Purple mauve, light centred self.   £4 Auricula Lilac Domino - Abriachan nurseries
Lincoln Imperial Rosettes of regal purple; excellent D £5  
Ling Gold centred Alpine; velvet red shading to glowing red edge. A £4 Primula Auicula Ling - Abriachan Nurseries
Little Rosette Dusky rich red double. Very nice D £5 Auricula Little Rosette - Abriachan Nurseries
Lord Saye-en-Sele Yellow base with red/brown stripes and flashes of green. An extraordinary plant with a long season. Sh £5 Auricula Saye and Sele - Abriachan Nurseries
Lovebird A reliable grey edged, neat foliage. SE £5 Primula Auricula Lovebird - Abriachan Nurseries
Lucy Lockett Ethereal large lemon yellow heads; floriferous and sweetly scented B £5 Primula Auricula Lucy Locket - Abriachan Nurseries
Maggie Black edged and white centre, grey edge SE £5 Auricula Maggie - Abriachan Nurseries
Mandarin Pink shades, white centre A £4 Primula Auricula Mandarin - Abriachan Nurseries
Margaret Lovely bright green and yellow fancy. SF £5 Auricula Margaret - Abriachan Nurseries
Margaret Faulkner Purple shading to crimson; light centre. A £4 Auricula Margaret Faulkner - Abriachan Nurseries
Margot Fonteyn Maroon shading into brown; strong green centre A £4  
Mark Darker pink petals shading into purple. White centre A £4  
Mary A nice little palest yellow semi double, pink flushed edges; always lovely D £5 Primula Auricula Mary - Abriachan Nurseries
Matthew Yates Darkest purple black double. Impressive D £4.50 Primula Auricula matthew Yates - Abriachan Nurseries
Mazetta Stripe Maroon-red/ green and white stripes. St £5 Auricula Mazetta Stripe - Abriachan Nurseries
Merridale Brightest orange; gold centre. Neat flower heads. A £4 Primula Auricula Merridale - Abriachan Nurseries
Mersey Tiger Purple and white striped petals and scatterings of meal. St £5 Auricula Mersey Tiger - Abriachan Nurseries
Minley Cerise and green, with nicely serrated foliage F £5 Primula Auricula Minley - Abriachan Nurseries
Mojave A lovely light red self S £4.50 Primula Auricula Mojave - Abriachan Nurseries
Morven A variety gifted to us. Strong attractive orange red petals and glowing gold centre. A £5  
Mrs Wilson A neat pink plum flowerer. Makes a really nice small pot display. H £4  
My Friend A first for us; butter- yellow wavy edged flowers on this strong border B £5 Primula Auricula My Friend - Abriachan Nurseries
Mystery Dusky purple, farina spotted double. D £5 Auricula Mystery - Abriachan Nurseries
Nantenan A wonderful fancy; yellow with attractive green edge. F £5 Primula Auricula Nantenan - Abriachan Nurseries
Neat and Tidy A neat darkest purple/black self with white paste eye S £5 Primula Auricula Neat and Tidy - Abriachan Nurseries
Nickity Dull peach orange shading red. Attractive A £4  
Nigel Violet, almost black double. Wow D £5 Primula Auricula Nigel - Abriachan Nurseries
Northern Lights Wonderful show this year; multi heads of pure white, each petal notched B £5 Auricula Northern Lights - Abriachan Nurseries
Nymph Lovely rich creamy white double D £5 Primula Auricula Nymph - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Clove Red Small blooms clove scented red B £5 Auricula Old Clove Red - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Cottage Blue Prettiest shades of lilac and blue; floriferous and lovely B £5 Primula Auricula Old Cottage Blue - Abriachan Nurseries
Old England Neat fancy; blood red with a black and white edge. F £5 Primula Auricula Old England - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Gold An old gold double we raised ourselves; holding well. D £5 Primula Auricula Old Gold - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Irish Green A scarce old border; loose large leaves. Flowers purple; green edge B £6 Primula Auricula Old Irish Green - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Irish Scented Old Border, dull yellow, nicely scented. B £6 Primula Auricula Old Irish Scented - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Mustard Larger leaves and English Mustard yellow flowers. Old variety. B £5 Auricula Old Mustard - Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
Old Pink Dusty Miller A very old variety; soft pink flowers with a red inner rim; leaves and flowers covered in farina; a treasure B £6 Auricula Old Pink Dusty Miller - Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
Old Red Dusty Miller Blood red; mealed foliage. B £5 Primula Auricula Old Red Dusty Miller - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Red Elvet A neat red self. Very old S £5 Primula auricula Old Red Elvet - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Suffolk Bronze Pink and ginger petals on a loose leaved plant. A real antique. B £6 Auricula Old Suffolk Bronze - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Tall Purple Dusty Miller Loose flowered purple; farina on leaves and petals. Lovely old plant B £4 Primula Auricula Old Tall Purple Dusty Miller - Abriachan Nurseries
Old Yellow Dusty Miller Fine old border auricula.
Dusty leaves, yellow blooms, scented
B £4 Primula Auricula Old Yellow Dusty Miller - Abriachan Nurseries
Optimist Pink and cream stripes with yellow centre. Nice washed out look St £5 Primul Auricula Optimist - Abriachan Nurseries
Osbourne Green Large leaved border type; cream with purple-green edge; Unique B £4 AuriculaOsbourne Green - Abriachan Nurseries
Paradise Yellow Lovely bright yellow border B £5 Primula Auricula Paradise Yellow - Abriachan Nurseries
Peggy Starting with a light centre, to purple and then mauve rim F £5  
Pharaoh Gold centre on browny purple flowers A £4  
Piers Telford Vibrant shades of orange/brown/gold centre. A £4 Auricula Piers Telford - Abriachan Nurseries
Piglet A tight double pink. The blooms almost wriggle.... hence the name D £5 Primula Auricula Piglet - Abriachan Nurseries
Pimroagh Gold centred red/brown. Strong A £4  
Pink Lady Red shading rose-pink light centre A £4  
Pinstripe Maroon /white stripes; a cracker St £5 Primula Auricula Pinstripe - Abriachan Nurseries
Pioneer Stripe Another good striped auricula; pink/white stripes St £5  
Pippin Purple red shades with light centre A £4 Primula Auricula Pippin - Abriachan Nurseries
Portree Good green show, red edge Sh £5 auricula Portree - Abriachan Nurseries
Proctor’s Yellow Pretty lemon yellow, tough and garden reliable B £5  
Prometheus A splendid double red , frilled and sassy D £5  
Purple Royale Neat old border purple B £5  
Queen Alexander Large biscuit-yellow heads with a beautiful scent. Old border variety B £5 Primula Auricula Queen Alexander - Abriachan Nurseries
Queen Bee Dark crimson body, grey edge, light centre Sh £5 Auricula Queen Bee - abriachan Nurseries
Rabley Heath Light centred purple blue alpine. A £4 Primula Auricula Rabley Heath - Abriachan Nurseries
Rachel Kinnen Pretty pink blooms on a green mound of small leaves. Always the first. A pubescens hybrid H £4 Auricula Rachel Kinnen - Abriachan Nurseries
Rajah Good green with lots of red and white centre.
It looks tropical and exciting
GE £5 Auricula Rajah - abriachan nurseries
Raleigh Stripe Red stripes fawn background St £5  
Red Gauntlet Good red with white centre. S £5 Primula Auricula Red Gauntlet - Abriachan Nurseries
Red Rum Dark red; white centre. Slow to build up. A £4 Primula Auricula Red Rum - Abriachan Nurseries
Redcar Attractive red; gold centre A £4.50 Primula Auricula Redcar
Rene Crimson with golden centre. One of my favourites A £4 Auricula Rene - Abriachan Nurseries
Riatty Semi double dark blood red double D £5 Auricula Riatty - Abriachan Nurseries
Robinette Good double red; a Derek Salt plant D £5 Auricula Robinette - Abriachan Nurseries
Robbo Very nice russet red border, well mealed leaves B £5  
Rolts A red, green edged fancy; a good starter. F £5 Auricula Rolts - Abriachan Nurseries
Rose Conjou Beautiful double purple with an elegant form. D £5 Auricula Rose Conjou - Abriachan Nurseries
Rose Kaye Lovely purple lilac shades; can be stunning A £4.50  
Rosebud A beautiful simple rose pink, lovely and unusual. S £5 Primula Auricula Rosebud - Abriachan Nurseries
Rosemary Lovely rich red self, speckled with farina. S £5 Primula Auricula Rosemary - Abriachan Nurseries
Royal Velvet Vigorous older plant.
Frilled crimson/purple cream eye
B £5 Primula Auricula Royal Velvet - Abriachan Nurseries
Ruby Hyde Excellent brick red; a border, often a show winner B £4 Auricula Ruby Hyde - Abriachan Nurseries
Rufus Compact plant; bright brick red B £5 Auricula Rufus - Abriachan nurseries
Rusty Dusty Floriferous heads of smaller ginger brown. Farina speckled on leaves and petals. B £5 Primula Auricula Rusty Dusty - Abriachan Nurseries
Saint Elmo Fantastic pink and orange gold centred alpine.  A £4  
Salad Scarce handsome green Sh £5 Primula Auricula Salad - Abriachan Nurseries
Sandra Lovely shades of mauve and blue A £4 Auricula Sandra - Abriachan Nurseries
Sandwood Bay Striking; gold centred red. One of my first A £4 Primula Auricula Sandwood Bay - Abriachan Nurseries
Sarah Lodge A well formed double purple D £5  
Scaraban Excellent double golden yellow D £5  
Scorcher Fantastic scorching red self. S £4 Primula Auricula Scorcher - Abriachan Nurseries
Shelia Attractive light yellow self S £4 Primula Auricula Shelia - Abriachan Nurseries
Sherwood Grey edge on White black rimmed centre. Good. GE £5 Primula Auricula Sherwood - Abriachan Nurseries
Sir Robert Pale dusky lavender-pink double. Old and scarce D £5  
Sirbol A wonderful alpine with a bright golden centre to each flower. The flower colour is red and pale gold. A £4  
Sirius Maroon and pale yellow with a gold centre.
Unique and most attractive.
A £4 Auricula Sirius - Abriachan Nurseries
Skylark Ruby reds; cream centre. A £4 Auricula Skylark
Slioch Black edged white centre with a mealy grey edge. Lovely leaves GE £5 Primula Auricula Slioch - Abriachan Nurseries
Southport Delicate, multi headed bright red blooms; Border B £5 Primula Auricula Southport - Abriachan Nurseries
Star Wars No1 A purple/grey fancy. Very Attractive F £5 Auricula Star Wars - Abriachan Nurseries
Stromboli Beautiful russet red double D £5  
Sugar Plum Fairy Neat darker pink, white centre. S £5 Primula Auricula Sugar Plum Fairy - Abriachan Nurseries
Sumo Attractive gold to dark brown shades. Showy A £4 Auricula Sumo - Abriachan Nurseries
Sunlit Tiger Irregular purple stripes on a yellow background, a wonderfully descriptive name. St £5  
Susan Darkest navy blue petals with paler edge; white centre. A £4
Sweet Pastures Yellow body; green edge.
A lovely fresh looking variety
F £5 Auricula Sweet Pastures - Abriachan Nurseries
Sword A green edged double; lasts for several weeks in flower D £5 Auricula Sword - Abriachan Nurseries
Taffeta Like no other, creamy centre and unique lavender pink blooms S £5 Primula Auricula Taffeta - Abriachan Nurseries
Tawny Owl Pale brown pretty flowers; Border. B £5 Primula Auricula Tawny Owl - Abriachan Nurseries
Tay Tiger Velvet red with green stripes St £5 Auricula Tay Tiger - Abriachan Nurseries
Teem An attractive grey edged show; farina Sh £5 Primula Auricula Teem - Abriachan Nurseries
The Baron A lovely yellow self; white eye. S £5 Primula Auricula The Baron - Abriachan Nurseries
The Czar Darkest navy blue, slight edge shading.White centred A £4
The Raven An almost black self; a proven winner S £5 Primula Auricula The Raven - Abriachan Nurseries
The Sneep Strong red body with a golden edge A £4.50  
Three Way Stripe Violet, Maroon and green stripes, the business. St £5 Primula Auricula Three Way Stripe - Abriachan Nurseries
Tim Deep purple double; one of the best D £5  
Toffee Crisp Bright orange and chocolate brown, great name A £4  
Tosca Green red fancy. A nice flat face F £5 Primula Auricula Tosca - Abriachan Nurseries
Trafalger Square Excellent fancy; red body and yellow green edge F £5 Primula Auricula Trafalgar Square - Abriachan Nurseries
Trouble Milky coffee brown double; fabulous D £5 Auricula Trouble
Trudy Dark red self mealed foliage S £5 Auricula Trudy - Abriachan Nurseries
Tummel Autumn colours; light shading darker brown gold centre A £4 Abriachan Nurseries - Auricula Tummel
Twiggy A smashing palest yellow self; almost translucent S £5  
Vee Too Rich purple, shading maroon; light centre A £4 Primula Auricula Vee Too - Abriachan Nurseries
Vesuvius Wonderful lava red double; growers have huge fun naming auriculas D £5  
Walton An old heart breaker; soft blue, light centre A £4 Primula Auricula Walton - Abriachan Nurseries
Walton Heath A purple double. Good form. D £5 Primula Auricula Walton Heath - Abriachan Nurseries
Wedgwood Neat floriferous china blue B £5 Primula Auricula Wedgwood - Abriachan Nurseries
White Ensign A lovely white edged grey flower; foliage serrated and mealed Sh £5 Primula Auricula White Ensign - Abriachan Nurseries
Windway's Mystery Neat yellow-brown border; scented. B £5 Primula Auricula Windways Mystery - Abriachan Nurseries
Wycliffe Midnight Attractive, floriferous multi heads of midnight blue.
Scarce border.
B £5 Primula Auricula Wycliffe Midnight - Abriachan Nurseries
Yorkshire Grey Subdued gray edges, black contrasting body. A stunner. SE £5 Primula Auricula Yorkshire Grey - Abriachan Nurseries
Zambia Dark blood red semi double D £5 Auricula Zambia = abriachan Nurseries
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