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Plants For Wet Areas
Caltha palustris plena
(Double Marsh Marigold)
Glistening green leaves and beautiful double flowers. Very striking in a damp area or waterside. £4.50  
Matteucia struthiopteris
(Ostrich Fern)
A wonderful fern; elegant emerging crosiers opening to plume-like open fronds Strong growing and unique.
Excellent in plantings with Irises and meconopis
£6.50 matteucia struthiopteris - abriachan nurseries
Osmunda regalis
(Royal Fern)
A magnificent fern for waterside and damp conditions. Croziers emerge bronze and strong and the autumn colours of strong tans and straw colours are splendid £5  
Carex pendula
(Weeping sedge)
UK Native Strong arching growth and panicles of nut brown seed heads all winter. £4.50 Carex pendula - Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
Gunnera manicata 
3m x 6m
The Giant Gunnera. The largest leaves possible for a garden….up to 6 ft across. Protect the bristly, red, resting bud, especially when young. Fantastic plant. £9 Gunnera manicata - Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
Ligularia dentata
Large, rounded dark green leaves and large mop heads of orange/yellow daisies £5  
Persicaria affinis campanulata
Rip-roaring ground cover.
Dark veined handsome leaves and sprays of pink flowers.
Well placed, it is excellent
Plants for Dry Sunny Areas
Anaphalis triplinervis
Mounds of felt grey leaves and white everlasting flowers in summer. £4  
Anemone hupehensis
Hapsden Abundance 80cm
An abundance of two-toned pink blooms on wide branching plants. £4.75 anemone Hapsden Abundance - Abriachan Nurseries
Bergenia Bartok
Brilliant red textured leaves and red flowers in spring . Excellent new variety £5  
rubra (Wall Valerian)
Rich red flowers.  Look up at the ramparts of Edinburgh and many castle walls and it is there. £4 Centranthus ruber - Abriachan Nurseries
Crocosmia Canary Bird
Attractive, floriferous variety with neat bright yellow blooms. £4.50  
Geranium procurrens A unique scrambler, It begins the year small and neat and then as the season goes on the plant shoots away and scrambles over acres of space . The plant does not root as it goes so is really easy to cut back in spring. Tell me there is no place for a plant like that in all gardens. Flowers great, magenta with a bold black eye. £4.50 Geranium procurrens - abriachan nurseries
Mixed Colours
- Our Selection
Ten red, orange, hot pink or yellow varieties that will vibrate and shimmer and dance above the ground on a bright summer day.
Many other single helinathemum available here
£35 helianthemum mixed colours - abriachan nurseries
Six Hills Giant
Sprays of misty blue all summer.
Lovely with roses or edging a herb bed.
£3.50 Nepeta Six Hills Giant - Abriachan Nurseries Highland garden
Plants for Shade
x versicolor
Lovely, fresh bronze veined foliage and pale lemon flowers. £4.50  
x perralchium Frohnleiten
Tough evergreen foliage with bronze markings. A good species for dry conditions. Excellent early foliage and yellow flowers. £4.50  
Euphordia griffithi
Interesting early red shoots appear in March/ April, followed by upright bronzed stems and leaves and topped by vivid orange bracts. Excellent and attractive. £4.80  
Gentiana asclepiadea
(Willow Gentian)

Elegant arching stems studded with bright blue flowers at the nodes. A lovely plant

£4.50 Gentiana asclepiadea - abriachan nurseries
Geranium versicolor
This native species scrambles through a border. Masses of tiny white flowers exquisitely veined purple. Wonderful £4.50  
Tiarella cordifolia
Marbled leaves that give good steady ground coverage and a lovely foam of white flowers in spring.
Essential for any garden
£3.50 Tiarella Cordifolia - Abriachan Nurseries
Vincas Perfect plants for woodland floors amongst shrubs or over walls.
Wherever you need an attractive, hardy evergreen carpeter.
£4   Click here for
all the Vincas
Groundcover Plants
Acaena Low creeping carpets, excellent over slopes and rocks, but equally as good in shallow pots and very effective with dwarf bulbs growing through. £3.30 Acaena Microphylla Copper Carpet - Abriachan Nurseries Click here for all the Acaena
Ajuga Catlin's Giant
Different, green close leaves and dense spikes of rich blue flowers. £3.50 Ajuga Catlins Giant - Abriachan Nurseries the Garden On Loch Ness
Anthemis cupaniana
Fastest growing cover I know for a slope or sunny border. Ferny silver leaves & a covering of dazzling white daisies. Easy to cut back if necessary, clean white posies for months £4.50 anthemis cupaniana - abriachan nurseries
Corydalis elata
(The Fumitories)
Green feathered foliage and lovely blue flowers. Does very well for us in woodland conditions. £3.50 Corydalis elata - Abriachan Nurseries 2
Euphorbia cyparissius
Fens Ruby

Delicate froth of red foliage, resembling sphagnum moss.
Suited to a dry open situation; lime green bracts
£3.50 Euphorbia cyparissius fens ruby - Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
penna marina
(Falkland Island Small Fern)
Leathery heavily crested leaves that grow well in dry stone walls and work well in alpine plantings. £3.50 fern blechnum penna marina cristate - Falkland Island Small Fern - Abriachan Nurseries
Ingwersen’s Variety 30cm
The nicest fresh, green, apple-scented leaves and soft pink flowers. Lovely with London Pride £4 Geranium macrorrhizum ingwersens - Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
macra aureola
An elegant bright grass; Light green with a golden stripe; lovely in shade or as a potted specimen. £4.50 Hakonechloa macra aureola - Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
Jassione laevis Excellent grey green carpet with blue/purple balls through summer.
Just the job for a steep dry sloping bed
£3 jasione laevis - abriachan nurseries
Mianthemum canadense
Heart shaped shiny leaves, good covering habit and white fragrant summer flowers £4  
Osteospermum jucundum
Spreading plants covered in summer daisies, that open in sun light. Pale lavender with darker back to the petals This is a hardy variety £4.50  
Plants to Impress
Chelsea Physic Garden
Beautiful double ,dusky orange red, bronzed backed petal . Lasted very well as cut flowers. £4  
Dierama igneum
Open faced bells of a brick red. The hardiest of all we grow and increases well. £4.50 dierama igneum - abriachan nurseries
Eryngium bourgatti
Graham Stuart Thomas
Deeply cut variegated foliage, gives a lacy effect; branching heads of marine blue sea hollies. Floriferous and long in flower. Excellent. £5 Eryngium bourgatti Graham Stuart Thomas - Abriachan Nurseries
Hosta Krossa Regal
Strong upright vase shaped habit; blue/grey wavy edged leaves. A good foundation stone for any planting. Magnificent in a large pot £6.50 Hosta Krossa Regal
Kirengashoma palmata
50cm AGM
A lovely autumn perennial. Large leaves resembling plane tree leaves and good stems of yellow waxy bells in September onwards. Wonderful in a woodland setting. £4.50 Kirengeshoma palmata - Abriachan Nurseries
Libertia grandiflora 40cm (New Zealand Iris) Clump forming. Strong grass-like plant with many 3 petalled flowers in spring. Good for dry and windy places. £4  
Myosotidium hortensia
(Chatham Island Forget -Me -Not) 50cm
A wonderful, clump forming evergreen plant, the leaves are very attractive, glistening green and wavy edged; summer sprays of fabulous blue flowers. I once grew one in a huge blue pot and it was breathtaking. £8.50  
Phormium cookianum
(Mountain Flax)
The dwarf New Zealand flax; more compact than the big flax and yellow flowers in a warm summer. £4.50  
Ranunculus aconitifolius flora plena
(Bachelors Buttons)
Deeply divided dark green leaves and wide branching heads of double white buttercups.  A lovely thing.
Ours came from a gardening friend in Shetland, where they thrive
£6.50 Rununculus aconitifolius flora plena - Abriachan Nurseries
Statement Plants
Acanthus Spinosus
1.5 to 2m
(Bear's Breaches)
Mounds of glossy toothed leaves and hooded purple spikes of flower. Late summer.
Excellent perennial for every bold gardener
£6.50 Acanthus spinosus - Abriachan Nurseries
Buckingham Palace
Tall, magnificent blue flowers. This towered above all pots this summer and was the held on to its flowers the longest. Superb   £7.50   CURRENTLY
Campanula lactiflora
Stately blue summer bellflowers.
They bloom with the roses and Mock orange.
Hardy and magnificent
£4.50 Campanula lactiflora - Abriachan Nurseries
Cardiocrinum giganteum
(Giant Himalayan Lilies) 2.5m
Legendary lilies. Huge whorl of white trumpet flowers, downward facing so the scent and beauty are wonderfully accessible. The seed heads that follow are a feature for a year and more. £9.50 Cardiocrinum giganteum - Abriachan Nurseries
Cicerbita alpina
Beautiful branching heads of blue daisies on mounds of large toothed leaves.
A rare Scottish native and we love to sell it.
£5 cicerbita alpina - abriachan nurseries
Dierama pulcherrimum
Long grassy leaves and arching stems, dripping with lilac pink bells emerging form silver papery calyxes. Exquisite. £4.50 Diermama pulcherrimum - Abriachan Nurseries
Chionochloa conspicua
(Plumed Tussock grass)
A very handsome New Zealander; tussock growth and lovely open biscuit coloured plumed flowers for several months. £5  
Lunaria redivivia
The perennial honesty; pretty, scented, pale lilac flowers on toothed leaves.; sickle shaped seed head for many months.
A good tough plant that starts early and lasts well.
£3.50 Lunaria redivivia - Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
Nothofagus obliqua
(Southern Beech Tree)
One of the first trees we planted in the garden, when we had arrived from the southern hemisphere.
Deciduous, lovely small leaves fresh and bright in spring, yellow in autumn.
Onopordum acanthium
(The Scots Thistle)
A magnificent thistle and a wonderful feature. The first year it makes a fine silver rosette; the 2nd summer the thistle emerges, a splendid silver-white erection topped by purple thistle-heads. If you have the space it will be the talk of the neighbourhood £3.50 onopordum acanthium - abriachan nurseries
Beautiful Plants
Achillea Moonshine Sun loving, flat,  glowing yellow heads; a fine plant for a sunny border £4.50  
Anemone nemerosa Royal Blue Clear royal blue variety, yellow stamens £3.75 Anemone Royal Blue - Abriachan Nurseries
Astrantia major
Lovely old fashioned flowers with a central boss of stamens and surrounding ruff of papery white petals. The blooms last and dry well. £4.50 Astrantia major - Abriachan Nurseries
Campanula persicifolia
Chettle Charm
Large open white bells perfectly rimmed with china blue. Beautiful £4.50 Campanula persicifolia Chettle Charm - Abriachan Nurseries
Cirsium rivulare
Handsome basal clumps and large open sprays of purple/ red thistles, all without the spines! A remarkably good garden plant, repeat flowering from June to December. £4.50  
Crocosmia Mistral
Early flowering variety; upright facing orange flowers, flushing pink with age; striking garden plants. £4 Crocosmia Mistral - abriachan nurseries
Francoa Pink Giant  
A base of crimped, felted, gray green leaves & sprays of stems clothed in good pink flowers, often shot with splashes of red.   Showier than the usual Francoa. £4.50  
Geranium pratense
Mrs Kendall Clark
Lovely white flowers, beautifully pencilled blue; an old favourite. £4.50 geranium mrs kendall clark - abriachan nurseries
Helenium Moerheim Beauty Great plants for a late show over many weeks. The daisy flowers are a most attractive mix of orange, yellow and brown with a central brown nob £4  
Meconopsis Lingholm
Tall, strong perennial blue poppies. The best variety we have grown and very beautiful clear sky blue poppies. £5 Meconopsis Lingholm - Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
Omphalodes cappadocia
Cherry Ingram
The loveliest of these spring flowering plants; elegantly presented leaves with beautiful sprays of blue flowers. £4 Omphalodes cappadocia - Abriachan Nurseries, The Garden On Loch Ness
Andenken an Friedrich Hahn (Garnet)
Splendid border Penstemon; long wine red bells over an extended season...June to the frosts.
Bone hardy with us, just requires an annual haircut to tidy in spring
£4.50 penstemon garnet - abriachan nurseries
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